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Vacation Rentals in Cozumel, Mexico: Rental Condos, Vacation Villas, & Houses

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General Amenities
64 listings found
Casa JC
Ocean Views from 2 Floors, Spectacularly Luxurious
From $700 USD/night
Casa Valdes
Oceanfront, Luxury Finishes, Two Spectacular Condos Joined as One
3 Reviews
From $490 USD/night
Casa Mark
Newly Furnished, Large Terrace, Great Beach
5 Reviews
From $90 USD/night $2480 USD/month
Casa Joha
Large Oceanfront Villa, Scuba Pier, Great Views
From $250 USD/night
Villa Mandalay Apts
Brand New Construction, Great Location, Very Modern
From $80 USD/night
Villa Mandalay
Brand New Construction, Modern, Centrally Located
From $215 USD/night $2500 USD/month
Casa Colorado
Step off the Terrace and Right onto the Sand
3 Reviews
From $99 USD/night
Casa de Sonrisas
Great Ocean Views, Vibrant Decor, Beachfront
2 Reviews
From $200 USD/night
Casa Kathryn
Great Ocean Views, Close to Town, Shore Diving Across the Street
From $150 USD/night
Casa Carlita
Great Pool Area, Conveniently Located, Cute House
6 Reviews
From $120 USD/night
Ocean Views from 3 Rooms, Central Air, Great Snorkeling
7 Reviews
From $140 USD/night
Hacienda Sombrero
Large Pool and Yard, Central Location, Corpus Christi Neighborhood
2 Reviews
From $90 USD/night $1500 USD/month
Casa Mirage
Unique Layout With 3 Private Casitas, Pool, Local Neighborhood
From $219 USD/night
Casa Gonzales
Penthouse, Rooftop Jacuzzi, Beach and Ocean Views
8 Reviews
From $165 USD/night
Casa del Amor
Ocean Views, Lots of Amenities, Two Pools
7 Reviews
From $99 USD/night
Oceanfront, 5 Min to Town, Great Snorkeling
1 Review
From $150 USD/night
Casa Cielito
Brand New, Modern Design, Pool, Roof Deck
4 Reviews
From $215 USD/night
Casa Junior
High Floor, Great Ocean Views, Newly Furnished
1 Review
From $230 USD/night
Casa Orleans
Short Walk to San Francisco Beach, Pool
8 Reviews
From $164 USD/night
Casa Corona
Convenient Location, Pool, One Level
1 Review
From $97 USD/night $1000 USD/month
Casa Las Flores
Oceanfront, Completely Private, Great Snorkeling
1 Review
From $150 USD/night
Villa Rosada
Huge Oceanfront Villa, Complete Privacy
1 Review
From $400 USD/night
Villa Loyd
Breathtaking Views, Bicycle to Town
From $150 USD/night $2500 USD/month
Casa Santa Fe
Cute House, Great Location, Close to Everything
5 Reviews
From $75 USD/night $750 USD/month
Villa Princesa
7 Bedrooms, Oceanfront, Bike Path to Town
2 Reviews
From $150 USD/night $3000 USD/month
Casa Chica
Ground Floor, Beautiful Ocean Views, 5 Min To Town
1 Review
From $230 USD/night $3000 USD/month
Casa Sora
Swimming Pool, Rooftop Terrace, 4 Blocks from Ocean
From $215 USD/night
Las Palmas
Convenient to Town, Large Yard and Pool, Three Bedroom Home
From $90 USD/night $800 USD/month
Casa Oro
Quiet In-Town Location, Pool, 4 Bedrooms
From $80 USD/night
Island House
Private Walk-to-All Home, Pool, 4 Blocks to Ocean
From $90 USD/night $1500 USD/month
Castillo del Rey
Lavish Gardens, Large Pool, 2 Blocks to Ocean
2 Reviews
From $90 USD/night $1500 USD/month
Las Iguanas
Seaside Oasis, Large Ocean Facing Pool, Ocean Views
3 Reviews
From $150 USD/night $3000 USD/month
Casa Refugio
Oceanfront, Pool, Main Villa and Guest Bungalow
3 Reviews
From $805 USD/night
Casa Rosa
Entire City Block, Huge Pool, Absolutely Privacy & Security
2 Reviews
From $460 USD/night
Casa Kydove
Outdoor Jacuzzi, Ocean Views from Balcony, WiFi
6 Reviews
From $95 USD/night
Casa Santa Pilar
Beachfront, Amazing Pool/Jacuzzi, Pool Table
4 Reviews
From $575 USD/night
Casa Trahan
Ocean Front, Infinity Pool, Great Snorkeling
9 Reviews
From $189 USD/night
Casa Grande
Ocean Views from Sundeck, Private Pool, Lush Gardens
1 Review
From $250 USD/night $2850 USD/month
Casita Maya
Centrally Located, Vaulted Ceilings, Stone Constuction
From $95 USD/night $1500 USD/month
Casa Sheila
Oceanfront, 5 Min. to Town, Snorkeling, Pool
From $225 USD/night
Casa Margarita
Beautifully Furnished, Heated Pool
17 Reviews
From $100 USD/night $2500 USD/month
Casa Emila
Ground Floor Location, Diving Pier
13 Reviews
From $80 USD/night
Casa Cindy
Steps To San Francisco Beach, Terrace Jacuzzi
19 Reviews
From $80 USD/night
Casa Julie
Great Ocean Views, Full of Extra Amenities, Beachfront
18 Reviews
From $80 USD/night $3000 USD/month
La Casita de Stephanie
Footsteps to Best Beach! Free Wi-fi! Free Calls to USA, MX & Canada!
9 Reviews
From $95 USD/night
Casa Vista Hermosa
Spectacular Ocean View, 100 Yards to Beach
6 Reviews
From $99 USD/night
Casa Buena Vida
Right on the Sand, 1700 Sq Ft of Living Space
From $165 USD/night
Casa Shirley
Large Condo, Heated Pool, Sauna, Massage Room
3 Reviews
From $350 USD/night
Hacienda Azul
Giant Pool & Garden, Quiet Street, Rustic Mexican
10 Reviews
From $155 USD/night $1800 USD/month
Monarch by the Sea
Duplex Penthouse, Rooftop Jacuzzi, Awesome Ocean Views
12 Reviews
From $200 USD/night
Vista de Paraiso
Beachfront, Amazing Ocean Views, Two Pools
10 Reviews
From $200 USD/night
Villa Vista del Mar
Private Corner Unit, Residencias Reef, Building 1
10 Reviews
From $215 USD/night
Casa Jen
Large 5BR House, One Block To Ocean, Huge Pool
10 Reviews
From $260 USD/night
Casa Don Rosa II
Large Pool, Open Layout, Four Blocks to Ocean
5 Reviews
From $120 USD/night
Casa Diane
Beautiful Condo, Ocean View, Fantastic Pool
6 Reviews
From $125 USD/night
Casa Kim
Every Room With Ocean View, Heated Pool
4 Reviews
From $220 USD/night $2200 USD/month
Villa Amigos
Scuba Pier, Steps to Ocean
5 Reviews
From $260 USD/night
Casa Birdie
Private Villa, Pool, San Francisco Beach
10 Reviews
From $190 USD/night
Casa Laurie
Wrap-Around Terrace With Pool, Steps To Beach
15 Reviews
From $135 USD/night
Casita del Mar
New Everything, Residencias Reef, Building 1
15 Reviews
From $85 USD/night
Casa Phillip
Heated Pool, Fantastic Snorkeling
17 Reviews
From $220 USD/night
Casa Magdalena
One Block to Ocean, Large Private Terrace, Quiet Location
From $130 USD/night $1500 USD/month
Casa Sujey
Ocean Views From Every Room, Heated Pool
7 Reviews
From $350 USD/night
Casa de Paz
Central Location, Private Dead-End Street
10 Reviews
From $90 USD/night